With all of our pools, we want to make the construction process as simple and clear as possible.

Pre-Construction – Tree removal (if needed), Permits pulled (if needed), Pool Layout. If you do not have a gate or open access, fencing must be taken down. If fencing must be taken down, only the portion necessary to gain access and complete the construction process will be taken down.

Excavation of site – Once the perimeter is marked, a bobcat tractor will excavate the dirt from the pool area. Remember that the hole will be a little larger than the finished size of your pool. This difference is for the gunite that forms the shell. It typically takes one day to complete excavation

Steel ReBar Placement – Steel ReBar is used to form a frame on the floor and walls of your pool. This ReBar will be all over the pool – on the bottom, up the sides. Spacers are used so the ReBar is suspended above the ground and not against the dirt floor of the pool. This allows gunite to be under, around, and above the rebar. Gunite with steel ReBar combination forms a strong and long lasting pool shell.

Plumbing and Electrical Stub-Out – Light niches, skimmers, main drains etc. will be stubbed out prior to gunite application.

Gunite Application – Gunite is a spraying process that creates the pool shell. It is applied to both sides of the ReBar to suspend the bars within the walls and floor to form a very strong, solid structure. Water curing of the gunite is critical and you will be required to wet down the gunite 2 to 3 times per day for the first 5 days. This slows the gunite’s curing process, and helps minimize shrinkage cracks due to premature curing.

Tile and Coping – During the design phase of you pool, you will be invited to our showroom to select the type and color of tile and coping you will use. Once your selections are made, the masons will be scheduled to install the tile and coping as well as any water features that you have chosen.

Plumbing/Electrical – The equipment set will be delivered to your location. The plumber and electrician will run pipes and conduit then install all the pool equipment.

Deck – Decking that surrounds your pool can be concrete, pea gravel, brick, stone, cool deck, tile or many other materials. Concrete decking around the pool is 4” minimum thickness with ReBar reinforcement throughout.

Pool Surfacing – The interior finish of the pool will be applied. Depending on your choice, it could be white marble plaster, Pebble Tec or one of the other selections that you have chosen. When the plaster is complete we will immediately begin filling the pool and/or spa. If your pool is Pebble Tec the pool will sit empty overnight. Our crew will come back the following day to acid wash and fill. Your pool water level needs to reach center of the waterline tile (the perimeter tile located at the top edge of your pool) or to the center of the skimmer. Your pool is then full and you may turn off the water. Do not turn the water off during the fill as this will cause a bathtub like ring to occur and stain your plaster.

Clean-Up – Debris will be cleaned away from both the interior and the exterior of the pool. If an exterior fence was taken down, it will be put back up at this time.

Start up – Your Supreme Pool representative will do the start-up of your pool equipment for the first time. The equipment will need to remain on for a full week to clear the water of any plaster dust or sediments. We will schedule a Pool School for you with one of our representatives. They will give you instructions, explanations, and demonstrations on the operations and use of your new pool. This will include easy methods to clean the filter, empty your skimmer baskets, and check your chemicals.